What is Positive Thinking?

We have all been told to think positive at one time or another based on some situation we had to face in our lives. Well, in actuality positive thinking is a process by which we create thoughts considered positive. It is from these positive thoughts when we focus on them enabling us to manifest our desires through them by giving us the energy from them to succeed. When we think in positive terms, we do what we need to do to make those thoughts real for us. That is how the thoughts we have work. When we think negative thoughts we manifest negativity in our lives. Positive thoughts make us strive to live positive lives. It’s that simple.

In order for a person to fully understand how powerful and effective positivity can have on our lives, we have to understand how the mind works. In the case of living in positivity, both the subconscious and conscious mind has to be positively-programmed, so to speak. Positivity is a mindset that must be at the core of all our thoughts and actions to manifest what it is we want out of our lives. When we condition ourselves to only accept that which is positive then we are saying in effect that we will have nothing less than what is good and beneficial in our lives. The mind works in such a way that it finds what it is looking for. If it looks for positive things, that is what it will find.

Being positive is not an easy thing, especially in a world with so many negatives that are in our way. It is how we deal with the negatives that make us positive in spite of them. It is all our beliefs and knowledge that comes from both the subconscious and conscious mind. This is what gives us our mindsets and how we approach life. One of the first things we have to do, in order to live in positivity, is to make sure those conversations we have with ourselves and about ourselves are always positive. Our inner voices must always be positive. If we are negative with our own feelings, how can we be positive with anything else in our lives? Negativity, in essence, is nothing more than resistance and resignation to not be positive. So, once you consciously decide you will live a positive life, then you reinforce the idea into your subconscious with your internal dialogs. The next thing is to see what makes you turn the negative switch on in yourself. When you notice the triggers, then you can stop them from making you react negatively and putting you in a negative frame of mind. This is easier said than done, but once you start catching yourself when your thoughts become negative and change them into a positive, it becomes easier. The more aware you are of when you are negative and change it as it arises you will notice that you are changing things that are negative in your life to positive as well. Positive thoughts create positive actions and give positive results.