The six basic elements super-achievers use to achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS with minimum time and effort

The six basic elements super-achievers use to achieve MAXIMUM RESULTS with minimum time and effort:

1. Clear VALUES. They know what’s important, and what is trivial. They understand that
some of our “have-to’s” are simply an illusion. Some things are not as important as they
seem. The key is knowing what to do and what not to do.

2. Clear PRIORITIES. In any given moment, there is only ONE thing that needs your
time/attention/energy MOST. That ONE thing will bring results, that ONE thing will
move you forward, and IT should be done, and everything else should be delegated or set

3. Clear FOCUS. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. Do it efficiently. Do it
skillfully. Super-achievers are not confused or distracted. They do not “multi-task”
because they know human beings can only FOCUS on one thing at a time. We’ll learn this!

4. Clear CHOICES. They know where their unique abilities should be applied and how
to delegate everything else. They make decisions knowing they have limited time, energy
and skills, and they make careful choices to get MAXIMUM RESULTS. We can, too.

5. Clear BOUNDARIES. Super-achievers are not interrupted. They do not work in
chaos. They create Personal Eco-Systems? that allow them to use all their time, talents
and skills to maximum advantage. We’ll learn how to do that.

6. Clear OUTCOMES. They are precise about what they want, and settle for nothing
less. They know exactly which results they need to move them forward, and they keep
track. As Peter Drucker said, “what gets measured, gets done!”

There is no mystery to getting more done. Each of us has the same amount of time each
day. We have about the same amount of energy, but fortunately, we all have enormous
potential. The difference between the super-achievers and the rest of us is a set of skills!
They know how to get things done, or in my favorite phrase, they have a “recipe” for
success and we can all learn to use it!