The Reverse Action Offense called: ROCKER

THE REVERSE ACTION OFFENSE CALLED: ROCKER (click on book cover for more information)


The beauty of the offense is that you can use it versus all kinds of defenses: man, zone, match up, etc. It is a offense in which you can post up your forwards as well as your center. It is an offense that keeps your two guards always one pass away from the basketball. This is an offense that can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it. It is an offense that can be executed but the very beginning basketball player as well as the advanced basketball player. It is an offense that can be built upon year after year making it a perfect offense for any high school basketball program. Rocker can be introduced at the elementary level and built upon layer upon layer as the players progress through the program. It is an offense that is based upon the fundamentals of the game of basketball.