The Power Of Your Beliefs

By Lisa Jimenez

Your beliefs are the driving force behind your behaviors. Beliefs send powerful messages to your brain that affect your actions (and their outcome) in either a positive or negative way. Your beliefs will cause you to do one of two things:

Be fearful and RETREAT, or Be empowered and ACT!

That’s how powerful your beliefs are. Your beliefs about failure, risk-taking, and success will either cause you to repel success, or act and attract it to you. Success takes two ingredients: belief and time. The more belief you have, the less time it takes.

How can you ensure your belief system is empowering and is actually attracting success to you? Three things:

First, it is imperative that you are making daily efforts to get the negative messages out of your life. You need to create an obsession with filtering what you allow in.

Television, newspapers, some movies and songs, negative thoughts and people, all need to be limited – even banned from your day.

Second, you need to expose and replace the negative beliefs you presently have. Think about what you say on a daily basis. Observe your habitual behaviors in different situations. Tell the truth. Expose these negative beliefs. Only then will you be truly free.

Then, replace these negative beliefs and bad habits with empowering ones. Think on these new thoughts and beliefs about success and over time you will retrain your mind and change your heart.

Lastly, create a compelling vision of your success. Craft a picture of you – as the person you want to be – in your mind and think on this throughout your day. Not only will this vision put a smile on your face, this habit will actually create success.

Remember middle school science class? You learned the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy. Potential energy is energy waiting to happen. Not until it’s moving and active will you see it in its kinetic energy state.

When it’s in the kinetic state it is a reality. Wow! That means you can create reality (the kinetic energy) with your thoughts and beliefs (potential energy). Never underestimate the power of your beliefs!

Change Your Beliefs and You Change Your Behavior Change Your Behavior and You Change Your Life!

Have a great day!