The Power of Visualization

Have you ever wondered why professional athletes and highly successful people use this technique on a regular basis?

Many years ago I began studying the effects of visualization on results, and what I discovered was amazing.

As humans, we see pictures on the screen of our mind when we think of things. For example, stop doing what you are doing right now, close your eyes and think of your car.

What do you see?

Is it the word CAR that pops up on the screen of your mind, or a visual image? Mentally, here’s what is actually happening when you think of your car…

You are accessing a memory from your mind that was instilled while you were first learning what a “car” is, and then specifically, your present car popped up.

You didn’t always know it was called a car did you?

As humans we associate names with images or other forms of stimuli as a way to refer back to them in our mind. Here’s an example of why this simple talent of ours is so important…

When you go to find your car after you’ve been in a shopping mall, all you are focusing on is finding the image that you have inside your head for your car, right?

You quickly scan the parking lot and with lightning speed eliminate all other cars until you find the familiar one that you are focused on, right?

Here’s what’s going on behind the scenes and how you can use visualization to achieve any of your goals:

When you visualize an outcome you want over and over again, you build ‘cells of recognition’ in your memory bank, just like you had to with your car when you were younger. This serves us in two ways.

The first is that you become consciously and acutely aware of everything that can help you achieve the visualized outcome that you desire. (Just like looking for your car). You quickly scan over anything that is not in tune with that image.

When you continuously focus on an image in your mind, every cell in your body is involved in that image and you vibrate and resonate with everything that is in harmony with that frequency both on a physical and non-physical level.

This frequency moves you towards, and moves everything that is needed towards you, for the manifestation of the desired image.

The second reason is that once you impress an idea into the subconscious part of you, it eventually becomes ‘fixed’ and you automatically attract and move towards that which you desire.

The reason athletes do this is because they want to condition their mind in such a way that the body automatically behaves the way they want it to without effort. It is the only way to become ‘unconsciously competent’.

The same is true for highly successful people. If you visualize the success you want over and over again, your body will eventually automatically do whatever it must to make the image a physical reality.

Your outside world is the mirror image of your inside and hidden mental world. Unfortunately, very few people have really taken the time to learn this side of their personality. That is unfortunate because this is the part of you that is so powerful.

When you visualize, you are directing unseen energy into an orderly vibration and that is what is needed to manifest whatever you desire. It must first be created in your thoughts and then it is created in ‘real life’. You and I are the sum of what we think about and focus on most!