The Power of Courage

“Don’t run away from your fears. Run towards your fears. Hug
your monsters. An extraordinary life will follow.” — Robin Sharma

Courage, it’s old-fashioned and it still matters. Courage is
not about exposing yourself to physical danger — that’s the
easy stuff. Courage is about facing your fears. About
speaking your truth. About doing what you know is right.

Here’s the big idea: courage is like a muscle. The more you
use it the stronger it gets. And like training your muscles
it’s best to start small.

You don’t have to speak your truth to the CEO tomorrow.
That’s foolhardy. But you can be more authentic with your
team mates. You can say “I’m sorry,” to your partner and
mean it. You can commit to speaking up in your volunteer
organization instead of sitting back.

When you act from courage and do what scares you, your life
immediately improves. When you take bigger risks, you get
bigger rewards. Yes, sometimes you will fail spectacularly.
When that happens I guarantee that you will find that you
are stronger than you think.

So today, find a way to scare yourself into a bigger life.

by Robin S. Sharma