The Five Habits of Success

by Paul J. Meyer and Kevin Rhea

Develop and reinforce these five habits of success. When you do, you will not have to make new decisions every morning. You instinctively know what you are going to do and how you are going to do it!

1. The habit of POSITIVE THINKING!
Successful people have simply formed the habit of doing what failures do not like to do and will not do: they think positively! They have the habit of expecting to win, the habit of planning to win, the habit of working to win . . . and they win!

2. The habit of PROSPECTING!
Develop this habit and you will have prospects everywhere and you will have an endless supply of Class–A leads.

3. The habit of CALLING ON PEOPLE!
This makes selling fun and exciting — and fruitful!

4. The habit of SELLING!
Use a system or sales presentation. Follow it to a “T”! It will make you a skilled communicator, a person who speaks with emotion and conviction.

5. The habit of WORKING!
Work is a privilege! Work is a joy! It is one of the most exciting things you can do. When you get results, it pumps your adrenalin, gives you more energy, and multiplies more results!

How do you acquire these habits?

You simply decide that the opportunity of presenting is a service is worth doing!

Determine ahead of time the personal goals you can achieve for success in this business!

Be confident that you have the ability to change or to do whatever it takes to get the job done!

Enter into it without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat!

Live each day with positive expectancy! Stick to the basics and the fundamentals!