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“Over” a Dozen Variations of the Flex Offense

“OVER” A DOZEN VARIATIONS OF THE FLEX OFFENSE (click on book cover for more information / available only in print version)


The book actually has 15 variations of the Flex Offense (not including the original Flex Offense) all explained in diagrams and text. If you’ve always wanted to run the Flex but felt it really didn’t fit your players, then this is the book for you. You will find a Flex variation that will fit your players. Give your team a chance to win with a Flex Offense VARIATION!!!!

1-4 Flex Offense

1-4 FLEX OFFENSE (click on book cover for more information)

1-4 Flex Offense

The 1-4 Flex Offense has numerous offensive advantages and it possesses the following strengths: 1. Excellent team play due to five man passing and cutting movement into the scoring area. 2. Operates close to the basket. 3. Offers a high percentage shot. 4. Easy to learn and execute. 5. Can get a quick shot or can be used effectively for ball control. 6. Easy to reset when the pattern is broken. 7. Hard to pressure effectively. 8. All positions are interchangeable. 9. Can be used as a power game or a finesse game. 10. Can be a very disciplined offense but also has a lot of scoring options for the good one-on-one players.