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BASKETBALL’S “NEW” PASSING GAME OFFENSE (click on book cover for more information / available in ebook format only)

Basketball's "New" Passing Game Offense


The Passing Game is basically an offense which involves a screen or a series of screens set away from the ball, in an attempt to free the player without the ball for a scoring opportunity. Within our rules, we do not try to inhibit any individual’s basic ability. Any player may attempt to shoot or drive at any time within the movement if he feels it is a percentage shot and we have rebounding strength. Our objectives are to get the percentage shot off of a perimeter fill, a cut back (flash), a back-off (flare), or a score-off of an individual move.

1-2-2 Motion Area Offense

THE 1-2-2 MOTION AREA OFFENSE (click on book cover for more information / available in ebook format only)

1-2-2 Motion Area Offense


The 1-2-2 Motion Area Offense has the following characteristics: different offensive formations, a continuity pattern, options and special plays. With more than one formation is that it appears to opponents that we are employing more than one offense. Yet we want a continuity pattern that all the offensive formations, options and special plays flow into. The options allow us to deviate from the continuity pattern and look for a shot, then go back to the continuity pattern if a shot does not occur. The special plays are designed so that we can either score quickly or capitalize on a strong offensive player against a weak defensive player.