Realizing Your Potential

Potential, in a scientific sense, is viewed as stored
energy. I view potential, in the human sense, as stored

Your energy is your greatest asset to unleashing your human
potential. When you dispense your energy into your
potential, that potential then becomes your reality.
Potential is useless if it never becomes a reality!

Everyone is full of potential… full of ideas and dreams
that only YOU can fulfill in this lifetime! Don’t ever take
for granted the compliments from others concerning your
gifts and abilities. Often times your potential is evident
to others before you ever take notice of it.

Cultivate your gifts so your potential will thrive. This is
the most competitive era in history. Potential doesn’t cut
it, only reality!

I had a teammate in college who was an All-American
basketball player. He said “There are people in my
neighborhood who are better than all of us in this game of
basketball, but we’re here. This is a privilege.”

That was a thought-provoking and enlightening statement. It
made me ask the question: How did we make it to the most
elite stage that college basketball has to offer (Division
I), while others, with more talent and ability went no
further than the neighborhood courts?

The answer: We took the steps to cultivate our potential and
give it the right conditions for it to thrive.

If I could leave you with one thought, it would be this:
Cultivated potential is what makes it to the bright lights!

by Matthew C. Horne