The Swarm Match Up Defense


Defense is that part of the basketball game that a team must play well to be successful. In this modern game the offensive player has become so great that a coach must have something different to combat this.

No longer can a team play one type of defense during a game, let alone a season. More and more coaches are changing from man to man to a zone defense and vice versa during a game to combat the efficiency of the opponent’s offense. The Swarm Match Up Defense is a combination of both man to man and zone.

Without changing the rules the coach can alter this defense to meet the opposition’s offense. Good defensive teams will defeat an excellent offensive team most of the time. A fair defensive team will defeat a good offensive team most of the time. Your defense will not let you down during a game but your offense will.

Defense is the name of the game!

The Swarm Match Up Defense is different and requires your opponent to prepare differently to attack it if he is to be successful.

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