Marathons and Sprints

There is still no shortcut to anywhere worth going. It can
take a lifetime to build success and a brief period of bad
judgment to ruin it. If you will look behind the facade of
any “overnight success,” you will find that it has taken
many years, if not decades, to become reality.

Whether it’s a career, an exercise program, a financial
plan, or a relationship, you are enjoying the benefits today
of seeds you planted in the past.

Delayed gratification can create a blur in reality as we
look at the things we are doing compared to the benefits we
currently receive. If you are not currently involved in a
regular exercise program and you begin one today, tomorrow
you will have received little or no results other than being
very sore.

On the other hand, if you have years of good exercise and
physical activity behind you and you stop the process, you
will not notice any decline for several weeks or even

We need to look at success in every area of our personal and
professional lives as a marathon and not a sprint; however,
since this is hard to internalize, it is important to create
intermediate milestones for ourselves.

You may have a financial goal or a retirement plan that you
are working toward. This may seem so far out into the future
it doesn’t even seem real. This creates difficulty in
continuing momentum into the future if you are worried about
paying this month’s bills while trying to stay committed to
a retirement plan that is decades from becoming a benefit to
you and your family.

Success and achievement is a lifelong pursuit, but never
forget, the only thing you need to do to have a good life is
to accumulate a consistent line of successful years. A
successful year becomes possible when you pile up a number
of successful months. Successful months happen when you
create a consistent streak of successful weeks.

These successful weeks become possible when each day is a
successful one. A successful day is nothing more than
looking at the next hour or the next task at hand and
performing it as someone would who is going to have a
successful life.

As you go through your day today, realize that success is
always a journey, not a destination; but along the way,
there will be many milestones by which you and others can
judge your progress.

Today’s the day!
Jim Stovall