Live A Life Of Purpose!

By Lisa Jimenez

Living a life directed by purpose is the richest type of existence! How do you know if you are living out your purpose?
First, you must understand that purpose is not something you go searching for. Purpose wells up from your very being. Your purpose in life has always been with you. It was written on your soul before time.

All of your life you have been given circumstances, challenges, hurts, and successes to help you discover and fulfill your purpose. What I know about purpose is it will coincide with your talents, personality, and core values.

One of the exercises I do with my coaching clients is to have them think back to childhood and ask this question:

What did I do with my free time?

What did you play when you had free time? What was the one thing you loved to do so much, that you would even miss a meal for?

Remember, your mom calling you in for dinner while you were “playing” and you would yell back, “Just five more minutes, Mom!” Your childhood play is very reflective to your life purpose.

What did you do as a child when you had free time?

How can you implement your childhood play in your adult life? How can you integrate the same adventurous fun in your grownup job? Your purpose is found in your talents, core values, experiences, and childhood play!

Live a Life of Purpose!