Get Motivated for 59 Cents

For less than a dollar, you can create and maintain motivation and success for yourself and others.

What’s the secret? A mini-notebook.

There are many different sizes available, made by many different companies. I have several that are 4″ x 6″, with 50 sheets. You are probably asking yourself how a small notebook can help you with motivation.

The steps below will explain how so much can be done with so little.

On any given day I may think of 3-5 ideas that I would like to remember for a later time. Without a place to put these ideas, they would be lost in the daily clutter.

Your notebook is the place to write these ideas down. They may be things you have to do during the week, projects that you’d like to start, or just an idea that you need to remember.

When one of these ideas finds its way into your head, it’s time to jot it down. Write down a simple description of the idea in your notebook.

The description should be long enough for you to remember what your idea was, but not too long as to take up too much space and time. After you have several ideas down, you want to be able to remember them quickly and fully.

After you have thought of and written down your ideas, it’s time to put them to use. You can choose a time each day or each week when you go through your list. From this stage you can prioritize, organize, or further develop your ideas. Then you can get start doing them.

Thoughts that pop into your head now have a safe place to go. No longer will great ideas be lost. They will be written down and ready for you, whenever you are ready for them