For Christmas I Give You: The Power to Dream with Faith

The Power to Dream with Faith

Like many people, I am finding myself at a point in life
where I just don’t have the same willpower I once did. I
tell myself to do things like eat healthier or get more
exercise, but I’m just not motivated the way I used to be.

When giving up is not an option, but motivation isn’t
working, where else can you turn? Consider faith. Getting in
touch with what you believe or hold to be true is one of the
most powerful forces in the universe.

Many of us have deep faith but have forgotten how to tap
into it personally. I have been doing a great deal of
exploration on this and have found that I often have to
remember to believe, to literally and consciously choose to
believe and then act on what I believe to prove that I
actually do.

I recently attended a convention that I have gone to for
many years and I caught myself having negative thoughts and
beliefs. I believed that everyone had already hired me and
therefore there were no more opportunities there for me.

Those negative beliefs quickly took me into feelings of
despair as I began to shrink and withdraw. As I disappeared
into my fear and doubt, soon no one was talking to me.

Then I realized, I was creating my reality. Based on what I
wanted, I asked myself what I could believe. I could believe
there were countless opportunities there for me, not just
for business, but also that for making new friends and
having fun.

I chose to believe this was the perfect place for me to be.
Then I set an intention to easily meet great people.
Suddenly, it was like I entered a different reality. Within
minutes I shifted who I was and my world transformed with
me. Within an hour, two people I had never met before hired
me! And that evening I had a real blast, including dancing.

Here’s a personal example of how I used this with my family.
I was long overdue in seeing a close relative. In my memory,
this person was difficult to be with, so I assumed it was
going to be an unpleasant visit. Again, I caught myself in
the act and chose to believe that we loved each other. Sure
enough, our time together was beautiful and when it was time
to leave, I actually wanted to stay longer.

In both examples, it wasn’t my will that caused the change.
It was my belief, my deep faith in miracles and my knowledge
that miracles can occur anytime and anyplace if we can just
get willing. And that’s when I realized this is the ideal
use of will.

We can use our will to make choices, to choose to believe
and to change our mindset. There is nothing as powerful as
our faith and through our personal beliefs we have the
ability to deepen our faith and trust.

by Marcia Wieder