Fear Can Be a Prison

Fear can be a prison more confining than any iron bars.
There is a great cartoon in which a man is standing in
jailclutching the two iron bars in front of him.

The only thing is, there are only two bars – he could gain
his freedom by going to the left or the right, but all he
can see is the barrier right in front of him.

Fear can be a prison in exactly the same way. For example,
somebody who has lost a job might only be able to see the
fears – of losing the house, not finding another job, what
other people might think.

By fixating on those fears, that person might never see
theopportunities to go back to school, start a business,
travel, or achieve a major change in lifestyle.

What fear is preventing you from breaking out of your own
comfort zone. If you were to draw a physical
picture, what would it look like? Iron bars? A dragon at the gate?
An angry banker?

Now would be a good time for you to think about the actions
you can take, starting today to break through those
invisible bars that are holding you back.

by Joe Tye