Commitment Requires Personal Integrity!

Consider this question: What’s the point of setting a goal if you have no intention of ever achieving it?

Depending on its application or lack thereof, personal integrity is the enforcer or the terminator of success, the choice is entirely up to you!

Personal integrity is the final and most necessary ingredient of the goal setting process. It’s the one that allows you to swing open the vault of success.

Your biggest concern when undertaking any new initiative is not with your skill, ability, or intelligence – IT’S WITH YOUR COMMITMENT!

There will be a sense of negligence to everything you do unless you are committed and exercise personal integrity.

The “Promised Land” is for those accountable to their actions. The most successful people in life consciously determine what they want, why they want it, and map a strategy for achievement.

They understand that personal integrity means maintaining a commitment to your commitment. It’s about setting a goal and keeping your promise to achieve it – end of story!

NO EXCUSES are ever allowed, permitted, or entertained by a committed individual. Excuses, blame, and self-pity are character flaws and weaknesses that winners want no part of.

Personal integrity is what success and goal achievement is all about. The moments you feel like quitting are the times you must take a flashlight to your soul and inspect yourself for will, courage, and spirit.

Don’t tarnish your goal by doing something so bush as quitting just because things got difficult. Nothing of any quality and lasting value was ever created by quitting.

It’s only by persistence, faith, courage and good old- fashioned elbow grease that you truly find out what you’re made of.

Lack of integrity ensures false promises and broken dreams; it negatively reinforces a sense of incompetence. Failure to honor your commitments to yourself is the biggest mistake you can make; it reflects an absolute disregard for the sanctity of your own goal.

Saturate your goal with a heavy dose of personal integrity. Without it, your goal becomes more whim than vision, more a scheme than a dream.

Lack of personal integrity is like a slow leak in a tire… eventually everything goes flat. If success is your destination, you will arrive there on a carriage called Planning pulled by a horse named Integrity.

Commitments are easier to make than to meet. But the joke is on you if you think you can achieve any goal without commitment. You are called on to fulfill your promises. A large part of your success will come from sheer tenacity!

What’s at stake at this stage is profoundly more important than the goal itself. Hanging in the balance is the essence of your life… your character and overall success.

Personal integrity builds intellectual and psychological muscle. Yet, many people have the psychological strength of a “98-pound weakling.”

You make yourself vulnerable to failure every time you exercise cream puff ethics. You deprive yourself the company of success and the fruits of your efforts by quitting.

Personal integrity is the countdown clock of your goal. It starts ticking the second you begin and stops when you achieve the goal or quit.

Without personal integrity, you can say, “Farewell dream. Adios potential. Toodleloo success. Hello Mediocrity!” Your goal will find a more deserving soul… someone with courage, character, and conviction. Someone who keeps promises!

Personal integrity is not only habitual but also essential- it moves you ever closer to your goal and ultimate success. Commitment is the heartbeat of your goal. In order to keep your goal breathing, rely on the oxygen of integrity.

Go ahead turn to personal integrity to keep your dream alive and to provide the staying power needed to cross the finish line to success.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair