Begin Each Day

Begin each day with this question: “What am I going to do today that will make the best use of my time and energy, and lead me a step closer to reaching my goals?”
During the day, each time you are faced with a decision, ask yourself: “Does this action substantially help me toward achieving my goals?”

Before you leave your workplace or before you go to sleep at night, make a list of your most urgent priorities for the following day in order of their importance. You might consider dividing your activities into A, B, and C lists:

A is for action immediately
B is before the end of the day
C is can wait until tomorrow

Become aware of interruptions and distractions that block your success. Constant telephone calls are the most common. Spending too much time on reading and answering personal e- mails is another problem. Chatting with co-workers eats up more time. Messy files, disorganized scheduling and cluttered desks are roadblocks.

Take an objective look at your routines and habits. And then take action!

Until next time, keep following your A, B and C’s!