Becoming More Positive

Positivity is a mindset; it is a mental attitude that is at the core of one’s thoughts, words, images and behaviors. When we are positive we want those things mentioned above that will promote growth, expansion and success in those things we want to get out of life. Likewise, a negative mindset can block us from getting those positive results we want in our lives. When a person has a positive mindset then they settle for no less than happiness, joy, health, love and success every time they set out to do something.

The main thing that prevents people from being positive in their lives is they do not believe that it makes a difference. Not everyone is open to the idea of the power of positive thoughts. In fact, a lot of people find it to be silly or nonsensical. This is especially true of people who are going through very hard times in their lives. We have all been told at some time in our lives to think positive. But what does that actually mean? It means that our thoughts always see us in a successful outcome regardless of what is happening in our lives and in spite of the odds stacked against our success. This is when positivity is put to the test as to whether it works or not.

Thoughts are contagious whether positive or negative. This means we affect each other by how we think. We tend to gravitate towards those that think like we do. Thus the adage, like-minds comes into play. So, if you think negative, you will gravitate to other negative thinking people. If you are positive, you are going to want to surround yourselves with those with like-thoughts and minds. In fact, most people try and avoid those who don’t think like they do.

When a person is negative, their thoughts manifest negative words, attitudes, behaviors and conduct. To change a negative mindset, to one that is positive, takes a little work then since it is a frame-of- mind that guides one’s conscious behaviors. It is a fact that negative thoughts and patterns do not change over night. It took a while for a person to become negative. No one is born that way and it takes a while to change a negative mindset to a positive one as well.

One of the suggestions in changing a negative mindset to a positive one is to start to re-program your thoughts. This is done by consciously replacing a negative thought with a positive one when it enters your mind. As often as a negative thought enters is how frequently it is replaced. This teaches you to eventually ignore all negative thoughts all together and only focus on positive ones. This doesn’t mean to live in a fantasy of positivity. What it does is, when a problem arises because of a mindset, you find a positive solution to it instead of letting the negativity consume your thoughts.