You’re Evolving Definition

“There are moments that, when captured, will redefine who
you are forever.” – Matthew C. Horne (The Universe is
Inviting You In)

We must never downplay the significance of dreams and
aspirations. They originate in the infinite realm, and are
given to us by our Creator to fulfill an assignment, a
working assignment at that.

Of all the things that you could possibly become, why does
your heart pull you in specific directions? As one mark is
achieved in life there always seems to be another which
tattoos itself on your heart and harasses you until it is

This is because your life was not crafted with one concrete
definition. There are many definitions that encompass you,
so the need to identify with any defining thing that you’ve
accomplished is to create a ceiling to your limitless human
potential and ever-evolving nature.

Every true desire of the heart is accompanied with a moment.
This moment is a point in time that, when captured, will
redefine the definition of who you are.

The key to being able to capture the moment is to be
encompassed in the desire that overwhelms your heart… not
too far behind or ahead, but in the NOW of the desire.

Every one will collide head on with the moment that will
bring your hearts desires to pass, but a blind preparation
must take place in order to capture the moment, or have it
pass you by. Moments are precious gifts from spirit that you
will either capture or have them pass you by.

The moment tells you that it exists, and you can find it in
the desire of your heart. You don’t determine when the
moment will arrive because that is already established in
the realm of eternity. You do determine the significance of
this moment by your preparation for it.

Your life is a working definition, and it will never be
completely defined until your last breath is taken. There is
never a benefit to being mired in the past, because the air
in your lungs is the evidence of future moments that await
your arrival. These captured moments will allow you to
fulfill another truth which is in accordance with your
eternal purpose.

If there is a desire in your heart, prepare! When you
capture life’s moments, they come with a momentum that will
carry you across the finish line of your destiny!

Your time is truly a moment!

by Matthew C. Horne