You’re Closer than You Think You Are

“Every successful person finds that great success lies just
beyond the point where they’re convinced their idea is not
going to work.” – Napoleon Hill

Here’s a prediction: before the end of the year, you will be
faced with a problem that at the time will feel a bit
overwhelming. You might already be there now.

When that time comes, here are five actions that can help
you cope with the difficulty, and even transform it into an
opportunity. You just might find, as Napoleon Hill suggested
in the classic self-help book Think and Grow Rich, that one
more push will carry you through.

Action #1: Pick up a book. Here are some
examples. If you’re overwhelmed by toxic
worry, Dr. Edward Hallowell has the answer (Worry:
Controlling It and Using It Wisely). If you’re swamped in
debt and feel like you’ll never get out, Dave Ramsey knows
the way (The Total Money Makeover).

Action #2: Ask for help. Whatever problem you’re dealing
with, there are people who have successfully dealt with that
problem before, and there are people who are experts in
helping people deal with that problem.

Simply having the courage to seek out help is often the
critical first step to solving the problem.

Action #3: Look for the silver lining. There’s no problem
that doesn’t also carry the seeds of some opportunity; you
can’t fall down but that standing up again makes you

If it weren’t for people losing jobs, there would be far
fewer entrepreneurs in America today. Whatever your problem
is, ask yourself what’s good about it, and what benefit you
can make come from it.

Action #4: Take care of yourself. Coping with adversity –
those proverbial problems that “keep you awake at night” –
requires stamina. This is precisely the time that it’s most
important for you to make the time for physical exercise and
for a good night of sleep.

Action #5: Get outside of your own problems by reaching out
to help someone else cope with their problems. From the Book
of Job to the latest self-help book on dealing with
adversity, this is tried-and-true wisdom. I’ve got the
following saying framed on the wall of my office. It’s good

Whatever you most need in life, the best way for you to get
it is to help someone else get it who needs it more than you

A friend of mine likes to say that problems are merely tests
that God sends your way, and that you must pass each test
before you’re allowed to graduate to the next level of
success, because at that next level the problems get

So if you’re at a stage where you’re convinced that it’s
never going to work out, remind yourself that this is a
test, and if you keep working at it, you might find that
you’re a lot closer than you think you are.

by Joe Tye