Your Dream is Calling You

“An uncommon dream will require careful and wise use of your
time” – Mike Murdock

We’ve all been encouraged, by someone, to go out and live
our dreams. Our dreams, themselves, have even been
personally calling us for many years but we have not taken
the call.

Most of us have looked at the caller Id and decided not to
answer. There’s also a percentage of us that hide behind
excuses, like — “I don’t know what my calling is” or “I
don’t have a dream.” Those excuses have merely kept us in
the bleachers of life, refusing to come onto the playing

As my mentor always says, “Excuses are the tools of the
incompetent, used to build bridges that go absolutely
nowhere.” The simple truth of the matter is that most people
have allowed fear to paralyze their dreams and goals.

Well no need to worry… our dreams are STILL calling us and
they’re orchestrating certain events in our lives,
specifically designed to get our full attention!

Here are some of the methods being used to get us to take
notice — downsizing, resizing, restructuring, outsourcing,
trimming the force. See, we can no longer hide behind the
“security blankets” of life. Healthcare is not healthy!
Social Security is not secure! 401k is not OK! We are being
forced to harvest the seeds that have been planted on the
inside of us.

I know many of you reading this will say, “I’m too old” or
“It’s too late for me.” The old saying goes, “You can’t
teach an old dog new tricks.” Well I’m hear to tell you…
that’s only a myth!

According to a study featured in the May 2005 issue of Fast
Company, our brains have extraordinary “plasticity”, meaning
that we can continue learning new and complex things
throughout our lives, assuming we remain truly active and

So often, we are visited by concepts and insights, for witty
inventions and ideas, which we never act on. A wise man once
said, “Procrastination is a thief and you must evict it out
of your life, before it becomes a murderer!”

Procrastination, if given enough time, will become a
murderer of all the dreams, ideas, and greatness on the
inside of you.

Make a decision, today, to remove all excuses and accept the
calling on your life. If you truly don’t know what your
purpose or dream in life is, then stop all recreational
activities until you figure it out! It’s that crucial; it is
worth discovering. Seek it until it is revealed, then pursue
it with everything that’s in you!

Uncover what it is you love to do so much, that you’d do it
for free. Once you’ve figured that out, do it so well that
people will want to pay you for it! Choose, this day, to no
longer accept mediocrity.

Give life and breath to all the talents, dreams, and
potential that lay dormant inside you – because the world is
waiting for your book, your song, your dance, your
composition. The world is waiting for your unique and
special gift!

by Chris Gloss