You Can’t Measure Heart

Some things cannot be measured, and the heart is one of
them. I think of three former NFL football stars. Mike
Singletary, according to the experts, was too short and his
40-yard speed was not that great.

However, they could not measure his heart and they did not
measure his speed for the first five to fifteen yards, and
at that distance he was exceptionally fast.

As a result, when a running back broke through the line of
scrimmage… Singletary was able to stop him in the first
couple of yards. That made quite a difference.

Emmitt Smith’s 40-yard speed was not earth shattering… but
again, the experts could not measure his heart nor the burst
of speed he was able to generate the instant he touched the

As a result, he was able to break through the hole at the
line and pick up five to eight yards on a consistent basis
and frequently break for much longer runs.

Jerry Rice is the other classic example. His 40-yard speed
also was not record-breaking, but his commitment to
excellence was not measurable. Videotape of Jerry Rice shows
him running stride for stride downfield with a defensive
back until the pass is thrown to him. At that point, Jerry
turns on the afterburners and frequently leaves the
defensive back well behind.

There’s something here for all of us to learn. We can
measure I.Q., speed, strength and a host of other things,
but the will to win and the commitment to excellence will
enable a person of average ability to excel. So, use what
you’ve got, including your heart, and I’ll see you at the