You are Perfect as You Ought to Be

It’s no coincidence that self-actualization holds precedence
on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. A deep understanding and
appreciation of yourself is what positions you to pursue
your passions whole heartedly in life.

Every characteristic that you posses is somehow intertwined
in the threads of your destiny. What you may perceive to be
a flaw could very well be the thing that enables you to
function in your given arena of existence.

Once you truly grasp this and realize that there are no
accidents or coincidences in regards to you — the self,
then you will begin to gain an awareness of the unique
entities that reside inside of you… the things that you
uniquely offer this world… the void you were born to fill.

It’s difficult to begin to change your world, with a
distorted view of yourself. Embracing yourself and your
unique characteristics creates a renewed perspective of
yourself, which is in accordance with the way your Creator
sees you — possessing every characteristic to be everything
that you were predestined to be.

When your perspective changes, your awareness of your true
self is heightened. When you create a world which is in
accordance with an awareness of your limitless
possibilities, you’re then poised to live your best life

Above all, you were created to walk in truth.

by Matthew C. Horne