Would Your “Audience” Call You a STAR?

Customers and co-workers alike want to interact with people who bring a positive and proactive attitude to their jobs. But it’s difficult to stay enthusiastic and excited when things aren’t going well.

How can you do it? When actors are on stage, they know they must be so good at their role that their performance will be “memorable” in the eyes of their audience. They know they must be “star performers” who will be remembered for doing an excellent job.

Like actors, we all play a part. Your customers and co- workers have a right to expect a “star performance” from you because they serve as your audience. They expect you to play your part well, regardless of what is going on in your personal or professional life.

While they don’t expect you to act like a robot or be fake or phoney, they do expect you to play the part of a professional, even when you’re not feeling particularly enthusiastic, compassionate, or whatever your job requires you to be.

Today’s workplace needs people who are positive, proactive, and enthusiastic. Your attitude has the power to make or break your company – and your career. It only takes one person to set the tone for the entire team.

Do your customers and coworkers see you as a positive and proactive person -a “star performer?” Or would they remember your “performance” for all the wrong reasons??

by Jean Gatz