Winners are Self-Motivated!

Think for a minute of the most successful people you know.
What qualities do you observe in them?

Most likely, they are talented, decisive, and action-
oriented. Maybe they have dynamic, positive, and charismatic
personalities. They might even possess extraordinary
leadership, management, and organizational skills.

But regardless of all the similarities — and even the
differences — every successful person is self-motivated.

As a result:

* They do not have to wait for someone else to tell them
what to do or when to do it.

* Their interest and desire does not depend on outside
circumstances or other people.

* They possess an inner drive for achievement, action, and
success that keeps them striving for a goal, pushing for
advancement, and competing for success.

* They will not and cannot be stopped.

In short, they are successful because they are self-
motivated… and that is what separates the winners from
everyone else.

by Paul J. Meyer