Tracking Your Progress

Even though you don’t want to live in the past, it can be
an invaluable tool to you.

Throughout our lives, every single one of us have had times
where we did something great, or at least really good…
someone gave us an approving glance, a promotion, a new
client. Perhaps we dated someone hot! Wedding day, giving
birth, scoring a touchdown, winning a medal. You simply
helped someone out that needed it. These events made you
feel good.

A very effective way to put yourself into a great mood any
time you want, especially at times where exceptional
performance is needed NOW is to create… Your victory log.

A victory log is merely a sheet of paper that you have
nearby any time you need to be reminded of past successes of
ANY kind. By reminding yourself about your successes, by
pulling out that little sheet, you’ll often be able to go on
and reach down and grab your greatest performance ever even
from the depths of despair. Often times, you just need to be
able to REMEMBER that you can do it, when your thinking is
really cloudy.

If you get depressed, pull out your Victory Log and you’ll
feel a whole lot better. I absolutely guarantee it. Yes,
this is simple. That’s why it works.

Do you think that the doers – the real winners in life – are
that much different than you? Mostly, with exceptional
people, they just keep their victories just below their
consciousness, so that magical confidence is right there
when they need it.

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do this exercise. Don’t put it
off. If now isn’t good, do it later today. It’s easy. It’s
fun. And you’ll feel great about yourself when you’re done.

And… you’ll have it forever.

What a great gift to yourself.

Please take a few minutes and do this! This silly little
sheet of paper can pull you out of the deepest hole faster
than anything you’ve ever seen.

Here’s how. In the areas listed below we want to create a
big list of even the tiniest successes. I often look at my
list when I’m feeling not up to a task. Hey, no one can be
at their best all the time.

Write down just a few words to jog the memory so that when
you look at it, you’ll know. Many people type these out
afterwards. Go back to as far as you can remember. Even
kindergarten is fair game.

Learning – tests, quizzes, semester averages, awards,
scholarships, I.Q., diploma. Include all grades and college.

The opposite sex – dated a “hottie,” got the glance in the
mall, had a particularly romantic night/week/month, had ‘em
all after you, summer camp, phone call, poems, cards, got
whistled at. Go back as far as you need to.

Sports (even backyard sports) – touchdowns, hits, baskets,
goals, blocks, double plays, great shots. Include board
games and cards, too.

Work – promotions, sales, raises, pats on the back,
contests, trips, saved money for the company, teamwork,
great days, winning, solving a problem, saving a life, got
elected, a finalist for the job, made the big sale, got the

Personal – convinced someone to a new way of thinking,
landscaping, painting, art, cleaning the house, new clothes,
great dinners, children in plays or sports, losing weight,
eliminating a bad habit, building/fixing something, tuning
up the car, new car day, new home, getting a
letter/notification, made dinner, helped a friend.

Social – kept your temper, you were elegant, gave a great
speech, the party was a success.

Health – cholesterol is down, stopped smoking, lost weight,
ran 100 yards/one mile/three miles, climbed the mountain,
changed your diet, walked by the chips in the store, etc.

Do this for every area of your life. I have one for kicking
a 50 yard field goal. Don’t you believe I’ll ever forget it.
Not when NFL kickers have missed 30 yarders to lose games!
But even the small ones like walking by the potato chips
today. That’s a victory and shouldn’t be discounted. Because
you were strong just then, and deserve recognition. No one
else is likely to do it, so you MUST.

Don’t think little things are not important. They’re
everything — everything.

Watch during sporting events, when a player makes a mistake
and the other team scores as a result. Momentum shifts.


Because after mistakes they begin focusing on what went
wrong… instantly.

And the team that scored is focused on their scoring.
They’re pumped up. Confidence rises. You need that
confidence, too, to do your best every day and every minute.
So focus on what you’ve done right, and you’ll develop it.

How can you do this?

Your Victory Log… the fastest way in the world to build
your confidence and increase your skills.

By Mike Brescia