The Time To Start Working On That Dream Is Now!

Most of us are hesitant to start anything because we are
afraid we might make a mistake or fail. Go ahead make
mistakes! Don’t wait for more experience or to be good
enough to start. You don’t have to be good to start, but you
have to start to be good.

Some may tease and laugh at you. They will warn you, and
recite all the reasons why you shouldn’t take the risk.
These will be the ones to wait around patiently hoping to
say, “I told you so.” Brush them off. If you let these
people influence you in any way, you will never, ever be
ready to go ahead and start making your dream a reality.

You will never have enough money, enough time, enough
support, or experience to start. But once you muster up the
courage to take that giant step forward and start, the rest
will fall into place. But only you can make it happen! Start
now with whatever you know, whatever you have, and wherever
you are.

Don’t let money be your handicap. You don’t need money to
make the phone call, attend that networking event, or go as
a guest to an association meeting in your field. How about
volunteering a few hours a week to work for someone in the
business arena that you’re thinking about? Do you see what I
mean? You have so many opportunities out there. Do

Be sure to keep a good database. Record your contacts and
touch base with them every three months. And guess how much
that will cost you? Zero. Most computers already come with a
database program. All you need is a little time which you
can choose to create right now.

Your assignment: This month, write down what kind of
resources you will need and which people can help you make
your dream a reality. Be creative! Go for it.

by Rene Godefroy