The Dream, Struggle, and Victory

by:Matthew C. Horne

It is my belief that everyone has a dream or desire they want to accomplish in life, but very few people enter the realm of actualization. People either believe their dreams are too far out there, or they get started and perform an about face when the pressure hits.
The wall; a reversal of fortune; whatever you want to call it, call it inevitable if you want to live the life your Creator has predestined you to live.

Recently, I arrived back from a conference with some of the most prominent speakers in the world. They all had one thing in common… Stories of what it took to arrive at the place of where they currently are.

These stories shared the common thread of struggle, which preceded their greatness. One speaker (who is a household name) was homeless and living out of his office because he believed in his dream to that degree.

A reversal of fortune in the pursuit of your dreams creates fortitude and builds substance. There are certain facets of yourself that you must be introduced to in order to grace the stage of your destiny.

Tribulation in the pursuit of your dreams is nothing more than life’s processes disguised. Yes, the process that will enable you to function at the level in which your dream will require of you. Struggle lays the foundation that will house your destiny.

Set your dreams in motion and make it through your process. Don’t worry about what things look like. In your Creator’s success manual it is stated that “it is impossible to please Him without faith.” You will find yourself in positions where you are wondering how things will come together for you, but it’s supposed to be this way.

If you had all of the answers pertaining to the actualization of your dreams, your Creator’s directing role in the movie of your life would be eradicated. It is your job to simply stay the course and make it through whatever obstacles you face, and trust that your Creator has endowed you with the tools to make it through. As Les Brown says “‘How’ is none of your business.”

Make it through your respective processes, and hold fast to the vision of your dreams coming to pass. When it gets rough, just take time to study the people who have already done what you envision yourself doing. See their dreams; see their struggles; and see their victories.

If you do this, then your situation of disparity will be turned into clarity, as you will know deep down that your journey is leading you to your best life possible!