The Dangers of Being Off Balance

It’s easy to get out of balance during particularly hectic
times such as the current holidays. Being off balance can be
exhilarating if it’s just for a few moments such as when
you’re falling in love, receiving an honor or recognition or
simply enjoying a real roller coaster or carnival ride.

Being off balance longer than that, however, can be
dangerous to our relationships, our physical beings or our
careers. The best way to gain and retain a sense of balance
is by setting goals and sticking to your plan.

Having a set of goals to refer to regularly will help keep
your feet planted on the ground and give your mind a focal
point to bring you back to earth when something sidetracks
you (either something good or something bad).

A well-lived life is a balancing act. If you’re out of
balance, it will show in your demeanor. You won’t handle
personal or business situations as best you can and that
will eventually have a negative affect on your bottom line
and the level of enjoyment you have in your everyday life.

Don’t risk the detriment of being out of balance long term.
Take a few moments each day to consider what might be
pulling you off the course you’ve set for yourself. Then,
schedule (and take) the actions necessary to even things

by Tom Hopkins