Successful Goal Setting Tips

Assure Victory with Simple and Short-Term Goals…

Always have some goals that are easy to reach. Simple goals
and short-term goals will motivate you as you achieve them
and keep you headed toward larger goals.

Make Yourself Stretch with Long-Term Goals…

Long-term goals are usually two years or longer. These goals
set the stage for your plan of success. They challenge you,
expand your growth and help to keep you focused.

Share Your Goals with Affirmations…

Speaking your goals out loud in the form of affirmations
will not only help to feed your own sub-conscious mind, it
will also allow others to support your efforts too.

You are more likely to achieve your goals if your friends,
business associates and family know about them. Only share
your goals with people who encourage your growth and success
and avoid negative forces.

It always amazes me how many goals I achieve by sharing them
with others. My friends, family, business associates and
even my audience attendees help me to stay on track and keep
me moving toward my goals with continuous positive

If you have a tendency to disappoint yourself before
disappointing others, you may not feel comfortable sharing
your goals. Yet, most people who don’t share their goals
often don’t really believe that they can accomplish them.

This negative self-doubt feeds your sub-conscious mind and
begins to sabotage your results. To avoid this, move away
from any negative self-talk and start sharing more often.

Prioritize, Yet Be Flexible…

It is best to decide which goals are most important for you
to achieve. Date your goals accordingly in the areas that
will reap you the largest return on your investment of time
and money. Ask yourself, is this task moving me toward my
goals faster or holding me back from reaching my peak

Be open and flexible to changes around you. Due to
unforeseen circumstances, you may need to adjust the due
date of your goal or reevaluate and cancel it altogether.

Often, the goals that receive the most attention are most
likely the goals that will change frequently too.

Understand Why You Want to Achieve Your Goal…

Why do you really want to achieve your long-term goal? What
will it do for you or how will it change your life?

Clarify the root of why you want to achieve your goals. Is
it to earn respect from others or to create a better
lifestyle for your family? Will your goal have a profound
impact on your life or others?

Don’t let your ego get in the way of setting big goals.
Honest evaluation of why you want to achieve your goals will
bring valuable insight and newly discovered personal
development. The more you understand why you want something,
the more motivated you will be to keep working at
accomplishing your goals.

Don’t Give Up…

You will get discouraged from time to time and may even
start to doubt yourself. That is just human nature. You will
also get busy, side-tracked, and may have a tendency to
procrastinate. But don’t stop! Keep moving toward your goals
– one step at a time.

The reason many people do not set goals is the fear of
failure. Yet the only true failure is to not attempt to try
new things and to set new goals. If you don’t try, you’ll
never reap the rewards. If you try and only partly succeed,
you still are a success, and you will have achieved more
than you’ve got right now.

Get to work on your goals! Once you accomplish them you will
discover more confidence and feel more empowered. That is
your special gift to yourself in the New Year.

by Debbie Allen