Success is Predictable

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking successful
businesses and world-class people started out that way. So
easy to be seduced into thinking that those who achieve the
extras got there through lucky breaks and superior talents.
Not true. Every dream starts off small.

Sam Walton started with a single store (Wal-Mart is now
the world’s largest company). U2 started with its first gig.
Picasso started with his first painting. And then each and
every day they took small, focused steps into the direction
of the mountaintop.

Success is no accident. Instead, it’s a choice – and one you
can make today. By reaching higher. By being bolder and by
investing in yourself. Because as you learn more, you can be

“The place where your greatest fears live is also the place
where your greatest growth lies.” – Robin Sharma