Seeing Through Change

During a consultation with an optometrist you will put your
face against a machine called an auto-refractor. The doctor
will flip various lenses in front of each eye asking
constantly, “Does this make it clearer or worse?”

The application of the metaphor comes easily. We’ll just use
a Life Chart instead of an eye chart. Does your job make
your ability to see what is really important, clearer or
worse? Flip. Did your parents make your vision of the world
clearer or worse? Flip. How about the lens of education?
Flip. What contribution has your marriage made to your
vision? Flip. How about the promotion you got last year?
Flip. Your own heart attack? Flip. What did going through
the re-engineering project do to you? Flip.

Change is simply a combination of such lenses. These change
lenses are positive factors in our lives only if we can see
through them to something beyond the lens itself. If the
lenses are smudged and dirty we start to focus on them
rather than on what they were meant to reveal to us. We
start to look at the lens rather than through it and end up
in a lot of stress.

Many lenses are available to you. Accounting lenses and
medical lenses. Lenses for artists and homemakers. A being
laid off lens and a being hired lens. Another if you’re a
man and another if you are a woman. There is one for poverty
and one for wealth. Not one of these lenses is an end in
itself. Each is simply a viewpoint through which to get a
glimpse of the landscape beyond. Change always reveals
something beyond itself.

Some of the lenses of our lives make things clearer in the
spiritual sense, while others fog and cloud both our out-
sight and in-sight. We need to learn how to positively
impact the ratio of the two.

It’s a spiritual version of what the Endeavor astronauts had
to do for the ailing Hubbell space telescope. In addition to
installing gyroscopes to keep things in balance, they
replaced the Wide Field Planetary Camera so the telescope
could see and record things more clearly. That’s what we
need — a Wide Field Planetary Camera for our personal and
corporate souls. Come to think of it, we may need a
gyroscope too.

Change is the opportunity of a lifetime, learn to see
through it.

by Ian Percy