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Run & Gun Run & STUN Run & FUN WHAT OTHER COACHES WHO HAVE READ “Run and Gun Basketball” HAVE TO SAY: DEAN SMITH : “I think your book “Run and Gun Basketball” is well thought out and would be a useful tool in teaching this system. I especially like the distinction you make between ‘run and gun’ basketball and poorly coached defensive teams. This is a common misconception, I think you are wise for making this distinction.”

PAUL WESTHEAD : “You have great stuff for “Fast Break Basketball.” Your idea of constant pressuring is the game of the future.” JOHN WOODEN : “It makes for a very interesting style.”

CLIFF ELLIS : “I enjoyed looking at your book “Run and Gun Basketball.” I think the material is very interesting and will be worthwhile to readers of basketball interest.”

BURRALL PAYE : “I read “Run and Gun Basketball” with a great deal of interest. It informed me of innumerable number of basketball points. You have an excellent book. I love reading other coaches thoughts, their Xs and Os, and their philosophy. I always gleam gems from their works to make my club stronger. I’ve certainly done that from your work. The more little coaching points you give, and you have given tremendously, the better the book in the end. I think you have an excellent product. Good luck, you have a winner!” This book details the Run and Gun Basketball System both from the offensive and defensive part of “The System.”

JOHN WOODEN : “It makes for a very interesting style.”