Rain and Rainbows

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of tragedy in my life and the
lives of those around me.

And I’ve noticed that the only way I’ve been able to deal
with it is by surrounding myself with those who care for me,
and I’ve also noticed that my friends that take the longest
to heal are those who spend the most time without their
friends and family.

As much as I try to be there for my friends, some would
rather be alone and deal with it on their own, and it hurts
me to see them hurt.

A few thoughts…

Think of rain as the pain you’re feeling in the moment.
Think of it as something you drive through, you walk
through, that no matter how fast you run or drive, it still
engulfs you and makes you wet, and cold.

And maybe you feel alone in that rain. Maybe you don’t think
it will ever stop, at least not until you’re soaked to the
skin. The rain is coming down until it stops, and no sooner.

You don’t know when it will stop, neither do I. But go and
get an umbrella, or look for shelter. It will stop. Trust
me. Even Noah only had to go through 40 days of rain.

Think of the rainbow as the time after the rain stops. Think
of the beauty of the rainbow, how the many colors couldn’t
be any more beautiful if an artist drew them for you. Think
of the sun, peeking through the clouds.

Think of how the world is a more beautiful place because of
the rain, and because of the rainbow, and how nothing can
grow without rain, and how we can’t enjoy pleasure without
pain. Realize the rain was a temporary, though necessary,
part of your life.

Don’t forget your umbrella and your shelter. Surround
yourself with those who love you, who can give you shelter,
and warmth, and help you dry off and make it through the

Make it a great day! Enjoy the rain, because after the rain
comes the rainbow.

by Phil Gerbyshak