Practical DayDreaming

The creation of positive thought is called “Practical DayDreaming.” It is a form of daydreaming where we put ourselves in a positive scene when we daydream. In the positive scene we, ourselves, are getting positive results again and again in the daydream. What positive daydreaming does is it sets a tone in our subconscious to program ourselves for us to succeed in getting what we want in life. It is possible to change one’s life despite the odds against them when they re-program their subconscious to manifest positive action.

This is because it is our subconscious that creates thought that propels our conscious actions and behaviors. So, if our subconscious is programmed with negative mindsets it manifests in negative action and behavior as opposed to being positive. The more positive thoughts we plant in our subconscious the more positive things we will manifest in our lives. Such is the case with practical daydreaming as a tool to help program the subconscious. Also, when we are in practical daydreaming, it is recommended to add as many things to the daydream as we can like sound, color, scents –anything that makes it more real for us.

The more we repeat a positive scene in our heads, the faster our subconscious takes it in to become part of our experience. This is because our subconscious does not distinguish between reality and fantasy. To our subconscious minds everything is real. To illustrate how positive daydreaming works is the idea of knowing something before it happens and then it actually does. Your mind tells you I know this is going to happen and, right after, it does. In this case, the mind wills the thought you saw that was to happen into consciousness. In this case, the subconscious does play a role in guiding what the thought you saw manifested as. Practical daydreaming works the same way. So, with this concept in mind, the more you visualize yourself in a positive scene, the more you will see it manifest in your life. If you think of your mind as a computer, the thought is the software. You are programming your mind to run positive software. This process does not occur instantaneously. It takes conscious effort to program our minds to think in a positive mindset and practical daydream as a tool to manifest positivity in one’s life. The truth of the matter is, the amount of time you put into being positive is how fast the amount of positive changes will occur. It has to be regular and consistent to see the most benefits in regards to positivity and practical daydreaming.