Overnight Successes

Several years ago Gary Spies from White Lake, Minnesota, did
an incredible thing. He sailed his ten-foot boat across
theAtlantic Ocean in just fifty-four days. Most of us can only
imagine what he endured to complete his ordeal, but suddenly
the whole world knew who he was.

What is the real story? Did he just have a good idea,
implement it, and “luck” into celebrity status?

Gary worked, planned, sacrificed, and studied for three
years to build his boat. He committed not only his money but
also 100 percent of his spare time for three solid years. He
had to chart his course and plan every detail, including
maximum use of his space and the proper food, clothing,
and water to carry.

Once the trip began, so did the danger. The most dangerous
and difficult part was fighting the violent areas of
the Atlantic Ocean. The seas often combined with a driving,
bitterly cold rain, which chilled him to the bone.

By the time he reached England… his entire body was black
and blue… it’s safe to say that he sacrificed and worked
in order to receive his rewards.

Most of us are not interested in doing anything of that
nature, but it’s safe to say that if we’re going
to accomplish anything of significance… long hours of
planning and even more hours of had work are required. It’s
also safe to say it’s worth it because the effort is
temporary, but the satisfaction and rewards can be

by Zig Ziglar