On Looking Inside

“Only by much searching and mining are gold and diamonds
obtained, and a person can find every truth connected with
his being, if he will dig deep into the mine of his soul.”
(As A Man Thinketh)

The classic book “Acres of Diamonds” is the story of a
person who sold his home and land to travel far and wide in
search of diamonds, only to die penniless.

As the story goes, the new owner discovered diamonds on the
very property that the old owner had ignored.

A lot of times I think we act the same way when we’re trying
to “fix” something in our life. Whether it’s happiness or
self-esteem or love that we seek, many times we look outside
of ourselves to find the answer.

We look to a spouse, a friend, a child or a parent to fill
the void. Perhaps we expect the answer to come from our
pursuit of our occupation or other interests. Or we expect a
new home, a new car or a new boat to satisfy our “hunger.”

But, alas, like the poor farmer in “Acres of Diamonds,” our
search comes up empty handed. And just like the story,
diamonds are waiting to be discovered in our own back yard.
As James Allen points out, the only way to find the gold and
diamonds is to “dig deep into the mine of the soul.”

One of my most favorite authors, Jim Rohn, says, “The
greatest source of unhappiness comes from inside.”
Conversely, that’s also where the greatest (and only) source
of happiness comes from.

Instead of searching far and wide, spend some time every day
searching inside. Instead of expecting something outside to
fill you up, learn to fill yourself from within. Make a
commitment to read more of the material that will help you
discover who you are. Make a decision to grow. As Jim Rohn
also says, “What you become directly influences what you

And that’s worth thinking about.

by Vic Johnson