On Learning To Adapt To Life Change

While it’s important to set goals — because as the saying
goes if you want to get somewhere you have to know where
you’re headed — it is also essential to give yourself the
wiggle room necessary to adapt to changes that occur in

Be focused and persistent on the path towards achieving the
goals you set, but also be willing to take any necessary
steps that might reveal themselves along the way.

Success in any endeavor is rarely achieved by following a
straight line, but that’s not all bad. Life’s changes and
challenges can help to keep things exciting, because it is
through overcoming the challenges which pop up that we grow
to the point where we can apply our acquired knowledge to
any future endeavor.

To further illustrate my point consider what keynote speaker
and business philosopher Jim Rohn has to say, “Set a goal to
become a millionaire for what it makes of you to achieve
it.” Think about that for a moment. When we develop the
skills needed to achieve our goal, the rewards of the
particular goal may come or go in our lifetime, however our
ability to recreate the result is always there — ready for
us to tap into at will.

Simply put, learning to adapt to change as it finds its way
into our life is an essential part in developing a mindset
which is conducive to achieving any and all endeavors we

by Josh Hinds