No Parking Allowed!

In life, there is a mark in which we’ve all been designed to
achieve. A higher purpose which in no way respects society’s
governing laws is what we’ve been created for.

Destiny is what awaits us if we’ll make progressions in the
direction of this higher purpose which nags us internally,
forcing us to either continue existing and conforming, or
grace the stage of your dream which patiently awaits you.

My company motto is Your Best Life Possible Awaits You. I
say this because your human potential is always beyond your
past successes and failures. Your best life possible is what
you’re capable of living if your vision for your life is
beyond the good and bad of your past.

Looking back when your future awaits you is what keeps
people parked in life. Parking is an enemy to your limitless
possibilities, and will undoubtedly keep you grounded in
life. Anything which enters your life and forces you to
swing the momentum away from your dream is what forces you
to park.

I’ve made the vow to lose myself in my dream this year. I
know that if I lose myself in my dream, then it will begin
to make decisions for me which are in accordance with the
actualization of my dream.

Your dream, when it consumes you, forms a protective barrier
which sets off an alarm when anything poses a detriment to
it! So, if you’re immersed in your dream, then it becomes
difficult to park because the momentum is pulling you in the
direction of it constantly, and combating the hindering
forces of mediocrity which want to steal your greatness.

Immersing yourself in your dream keeps you looking and
moving forward at all times. This is why my favorite book
says “Where there is no vision the people perish.” Why? Our
nature is to surpass any current standing, good or bad, and
evolve into the divine beings we are. This occurs as we
press towards different marks in life. Forget the good and
bad of the past and press.

Never fear failure at the onset of any endeavor. One thing I
write in my book A Massive Dose of Motivation is “Truth is
the only permeating element at the end of dream pursuit, not
success of failure.”

We become discouraged in life when we fall short of our
various marks, but if you look back you’ll see clearly that
every endeavor showed you things about yourself which are
pivotal for you functioning at the level you are currently

You never just stumble into situations in life; you’re
strategically placed into them with the design that they’ll
introduce you to some facet of yourself which is in
accordance with the true you.

Any situation in life, if viewed correctly, will serve you
and not be a deterrent if viewed with an optimistic
perspective. This will occur as you develop a trust in your
Creator and His divine orchestration of events which are
designed to benefit you by allowing you to bypass
limitations put on you by yourself and others, and allow you
to connect with the limitless possibilities we’ve all been
endowed with, but so rarely connect to.

There’s good and bad in every situation in life. It’s just a
matter of the perspective you take when viewing the past
which determines whether you park, or see the good and allow
it to accelerate you towards your vision.

This day, this month, this year, this lifetime, fixate your
own NO PARKING sign on your heart, and everything in your
life will move you in the direction of your best life

by Matthew C. Horne