Nine Qualities of a Successful Leader

(The first seven leadership qualities were developed by Ret. General Norman
Schwartzkopf during Desert Storm. The last two were added by Rear Admiral Ret. Frank
Collins, Jr.)

 Leaders help people succeed. They don’t fear developing
their associates.

 Don’t confuse management and leadership. Managers
focus on material goods, leaders focus on people.

 Set goals that anyone can understand, set them clearly.
Complicated goals discourage buy-ins.

 Set high standards: “Good enough” is not good enough!
Only the best succeed in today’s market place.

 There’s always room for improvement.

 A leader takes charge. Step up to accountability and
responsibility. Have a plan to implement it.

 Do what is right. Develop a sense of values.

 Give credit where credit is due. You may lay the
foundation, but the bricks and mortar are the products of
your associates.

 Demonstrate the virtue of loyalty. Both up and down
loyalty is an essential virtue of a successful leader.