Moving Beyond

In observing people who are fresh out of relationships, I
often hear phrases like “I’m moving on” used frequently.
Soon after comes the overwhelming need to show the other
person how much you’ve moved on.

It then dawned on me that moving on is not an act or
expression; it just is. It’s something that resonates so
deeply within you that it doesn’t matter what others think,
or even if they know.

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, I’m learning that
there are many obstacles that we must move beyond to fulfill
them. These obstacles surface internally as well as

The internal barriers are the self limiting beliefs that we
must all face when contemplating the pursuit of a dream.
These are the limitations that must be faced head on if
you’ll ever give yourself permission to be the unique you.

The external obstacles are the opinions of others which are
in place to keep you in the box they’ve created for you.

One way to move beyond is to simply entertain the
possibility of you actually becoming the person who you see
in your vivid destiny pictures. I don’t know how many times
I’ve heard wives tell stories about how they had no initial
attraction to their eventual husbands.

In many cases, they couldn’t foresee in a million years that
they would marry the man who gave her a new last name. The
wives often tell of how the guy never gave up and how that
led to them entertaining the idea of a relationship.

The perception of the guy changed the more the woman
entertained him, and they ended up at the alter which was
the original intent of the guy.

If we would just entertain the possibility that we are
actually the people our hearts say that we are, the
mountains we perceive to be in the way of our destiny will
be proven as mole hills, as the truth of our ability is

In essence, the more you entertain your destiny the more
realistic it becomes. The only thing separating you from it
is the illusion that it is beyond your grasp.

As you begin to see that your dreams aren’t as far out there
as you once perceived them to be, thoughts of possibility
will replace those of inability.

Once you truly believe that your dreams are possible, that’s
when you will begin to take active measures to make them a
reality. It’s human nature to only expend energy towards
what we deem as being possible.

Entertaining the thought of your dreams is one of the most
life-altering acts you could ever perform. When standing
outside the door of your destiny, if dialogue persists long
enough, it’s only a matter of time before it is opened.

by Matthew C. Horne