Living an Excuse-Free Life!

I realize that the title of this article may throw you for a
loop! Living an Excuse Free Life? Is that even possible?

Just imagine… a world where people made no excuses:
instead, pursued their dreams and goals with every fiber of
their being. Can you even imagine that?

I think it’s safe to assume that if most people lived in
such a manner, the failure rate would be significantly

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I do realize that there are
those who hold valid reasons for not accomplishing certain
goals and objectives, but for the majority of us, not
realizing our dreams simply boils down to our own self-
imposed limitations, otherwise known as excuses.

Webster defines the word excuse as, “A plea offered in
apology for some fault or neglect.” My mentor defines it as,
“Tools of the incompetent, on the highway of life, used to
build bridges that go absolutely nowhere.”

In my own life, I recall how I procrastinated on pursuing my
dream of becoming a motivational speaker. I made excuse,
after excuse, for why I could not step out on that dream.

From, my lack of knowledge about the industry, to being
clueless on how to get started: I made every excuse in the
book! And I continued to make excuses, even as people
recognized and encouraged my abilities.

I continued to make excuses, even as people requested that I
speak at their events. Opportunity after opportunity passed
me by, as I stood dormant in the safety net of my excuses.
Then one day I finally had enough! My dream deserved a

It was then that I came to the harsh realization that my
very own thinking, was in-fact, my worst enemy.

I embraced the unquestionable truth that I urgently needed
to change my thought process, to rid myself of my
“impossibility” mindset, before I would ever manifest great
things in my life.

Secondly, I acquired a coach, someone who could assist me in
enhancing the vision I had for my life and give me the
direction I lacked.

Thirdly, I increased my reading; I studied successful people
in my field. This gave me confidence and a burning desire to
move forward.

Lastly, I started weeding out the toxic people in my life.
People who were feeding my fears and insecurities had to go!
I knew that hanging around negative, “dream-less” people,
would eventually cause my dream to also die.

As a result of implementing those key changes and making a
decision to no longer be held captive to excuses… I am now
living my dreams!

What about you? What is your excuse? How long will you
continue to use it as a crutch? Remember, this life is not a
dress rehearsal for what’s to come: this is the real thing!
This is your one shot! Your one shot!

So, will you decide this day to answer that dream that’s
screaming your name, or will you continue to make excuses?

I challenge you, to decide as I did, to finally free
yourself from the bondage and limitations of excuses. Make
the commitment, from this day forward, to live an Excuse-
Free Life! I promise you, the rewards are immeasurable!

by Chris Gloss