Live In Truth

The key to opening the door to your most-desired, future
life is to acknowledge where you are presently — right at
this very moment.

Some of us don’t want to face the truth. We’re afraid of
what might happen if we really know where we are
personally,professionally, financially and spiritually. But, to
moveforward, toward the life we really want, we have to know
where we stand. We have to take inventory of our lives.

Some people are even more afraid of what others might think
if they really knew the truth about us. But forget about
them right now. The most important person to be truthfulwith
is yourself, because, when it comes down to it, you are
the most important person in your life. If you’re not honest
with YOU, you won’t be able to be honest with anyone else.

Sure, you want more. You wish your old plan had
materialized. But it didn’t. You can’t keep looking back,
wallowing in what could have been. What you can do is create
a new plan, then take one goal at a time and make it happen.

You have unique skills no one else has — use
them to create a career you love. Then, after you take that
first step, you can move forward to create your dream life,
goal by goal.

If you’ve been lying to yourself, avoiding the truth of your
life, it’s time to come clean.

Action Step:

In closing this week, I’d like to offer an exercise to
complete in the week ahead:

Get honest with yourself.

Forget about your goals for a minute, and concentrate on
getting really honest with your present situation.

The truth about any situation is not what you want it to be.
It isn’t what it should be. It isn’t what it would have

The truth is what it is. No amount of sugar coating will
make it anything different.

Take inventory of your present truth in these categories:

A. Your physical self
B. Your spiritual self
C. Your financial self
D. Your professional self
E. Your personal self

Ask yourself these three questions for each category:

1. How do I perceive this area of my life?

2. How would I describe this area of my life if I were being
completely honest to myself?

3. Are numbers 1 and 2 identical?(If they are, you are being
honest with yourself. If theyaren’t, it’s time to begin making them the

See you next time!

– Mark Victor Hansen