Know What You Really Want!

If you want to conquer fear, breakthrough limiting beliefs,
and live a life you love, you need to know what you really
want. What do you really want?

It seems odd that grown people would not know what they want
and often don’t hold the power to act on their dreams. Yet,
it is very common. Kids, on the other hand seem to know
exactly what they want. Why? One reason is that they have
the time to daydream, fantasize, and think.

Adults, with busy schedules, don’t take the time to do this.
If you haven’t asked yourself lately what you want, then you
probably don’t know the answer. You are either living out
someone else’s dream for you or you are settling for what’s
simply good when you could have what is best!

Either of these two scenarios lead to an unfulfilled life of
someone asking, “Is this all there is?”

Take some time to daydream – right now. Think about what
your dream life would look like? What time would you get up
most mornings? Who would be in your life? What would your
day look like? What job would you have? How would you be
spending your time?

Keep a dream book where you write down (and even draw
pictures) of what your dream life would look like. The most
amazing thing will happen: You will begin watching yourself
grow into your dreams! You’ll look back at your dreams of
five years ago and think, “Gosh, I did that – no problem.”

There is so much power in knowing what you want. Clarity
gives you power. When you know what you want, and you begin
acting on those wants (even in small ways), every day of
your life looks more exciting. You’ll look back and see
unfolding miracles that make your dream happen.

If it’s true that God gives you the desires of your heart,
then it is imperative that you know your desires and have
the courage to communicate them. You will begin the process
of creating them by first taking the time to realize them!

Know What You Really Want!

by Lisa Jimenez