Keeping Your Mind Tuned for Success

Absolutely no one can underestimate the power of the mind
and its role in our success! It is imperative to keep our
minds right and on the right track if we are to achieve balanced
success in our career, finances, health, emotions,
relationships and spiritual lives.

The analogy I would like to use here is one of a radio
station. For example, there may be a “Success” station. But
the only way you can hear a radio station is to be tuned
into it. Even a little off and you can’t get the full

The same is true with our mind and success. If our minds and
our thoughts get sidetracked, our success will get
sidetracked. As our minds stay tuned to “success” our bodies
will then carry out our success and we will begin to
experience abundance!

So here are some ways to keep tuned into success!

Use your innate ability to decide and choose. One of the
things that separate us from the animals is that we live not
by instinct, but by choice.

Constantly flexing that muscle of choice builds it up and
keeps us on track for success. It is like working out. The
more we do, the stronger we get — the more “fit” we get.
Want to keep your mind tuned for success? Keep it healthy by
making good choices and decisions on a regular basis.

For example, do you have a bad habit? Then flex your mind
muscle and choose to change – today. If you choose to stay
the same way (and those are the only two alternatives)
you will have just chosen to tune your mind to a different
station than “success.”

Put good stuff into your brain. There are lots of things
that want to work their way into our minds (and eventually work
themselves out again in our actions). There will be
lots that we just get from walking around all day. But what
about what we put in on purpose?

We can choose to put good stuff in on a regular basis. Do you
take time each day to put good things into your mind, to
tune into success?

Here are two things to consider when you are choosing what to
put into your mind:

First, is it positive? Will it build you up or tear you
down? Will it make you a better person, or lesser? Will you
grow from it or not? Will it tune you to success or not?

Secondly, will it move you toward your goals in the areas of
your life that you want to see success and abundance in?

Keep the junk out. Like I mentioned above, there will always
be junk floating around, like a fellow employee who gripes
all the time. But what surprises me is how many people who
want success, actually willfully choose to put junk into
their minds and then expect to be tuned into success.

Here are some thoughts on this: First, evaluate everything
that you put into your mind. Evaluate what you read, listen
to and watch. We live in a fast-paced world and we have
little time. Why then would we spend our precious time
putting junk into our minds?

Does what you read, listen to and watch move you toward your
goals or away from them? It is a simple question, really. At
least most of the time. And here is my soapbox. Eleven years
ago, my wife suggested we give away our television. I was
shocked to say the least, but decided to give it a try. Now
I am the anti-tv fanatic in our house!

I have more time than anyone I know and I don’t have to
spend a lot of energy filtering my mind to tune it to
success. Just a thought. Just a thought.

Eat right and exercise. That’s right. The way we eat and the
amount of exercise we get goes a long way toward our mind’s
ability to tune into success. Put the right foods into
your body and the brain responds. Exercise on a regular basis and
the body releases chemicals that literally ignite your brain
for success!

I hope these thoughts help you to get going and keep your
mind tuned into success. Put them into practice and soon
you’ll be dialed into success and abundance.

–Chris Widener