Keeping Your Balance

Being off balance for just a few moments can be exhilarating. Some instances that come to mind are when we first realize we’re falling in love, when we receive great praise from someone we admire or respect, or even when we enjoy a roller coaster ride at an amusement park.
Being off balance for longer than a few moments can be dangerous. Dangerous to our physical health, our relationships and our careers. To keep your life in balance, it’s critical that you set goals in all areas that are truly important to you and stick to achieving them. Goal setting helps you to get and stay focused.
A well-lived life is a balancing act. If you’re out of balance, it will show in your demeanor. You’ll not handle personal and business situations to the best of your ability and that will have a negative affect on your bottom line and enjoyment of life.

Don’t risk it! Take a few moments each day to consider where your life may be out of balance. Then set a goal to even things out… starting immediately.

by Tom Hopkins