Keep an Idea Journal

When I first heard Jim Rohn talk about the importance of
keeping an idea journal I was immediately captivated.

What is it you ask?…

In its simplest form you’ve got an idea journal when you
take the time to commit your ideas to paper. It makes no
difference whether it’s done with a notepad or a fancy
journal. The effect is the same. All your ideas need to be

Why is it important? … because throughout the course of
any given day countless ideas will come and go our way –
even though many of them may appear to be unrealistic to us
at the time. What often happens is we simply discard them as
fleeting thoughts.

The problem with this is that what we previously believed to
be unachievable can change drastically as our minds are
expanded with each new success that we experience.

What I mean is you may doubt your ability to accomplish
something now, yet a few successes later what you once
thought to be impossible now suddenly appears quite

It’s like the first time we tried to ride a bike. We thought
we would never pull it off. Yet after we mastered it our
belief system grew to the point that now we can’t even
comprehend the idea that riding a bike would ever have been

Hopefully now you can see the problem with dismissing your
ideas. As we grow in confidence, what we thought impossible
before suddenly appears to be quite achievable. However, we
have lost those ideas… UNLESS we recorded them in our idea

So here’s what I suggest… from here on out take the time
to commit your ideas to paper. No matter how unrealistic
they may appear to you at the time record them in your idea
journal. Your very success might come from one of those
ideas in the not too distant future.

Imagine what must have run through Walt Disney’s head when
the idea of a cartoon mouse popped up! Yet his idea (no
matter how silly it may have appeared to him initially) was
committed to paper. The rest is history!

– Here’s to your success, Josh Hinds