Just 30 Minutes a Day: The Value of a Half Hour

Want to change your results this year? Want to reach a new
goal? Want to get a promotion, be healthier or happier? Want
to improve your work performance?

Give me 2 minutes to read this article and 30 minutes a day
and you can achieve any of those things – guaranteed.

You read it right; you can change your life in just thirty
minutes a day. What you do in those thirty minutes depends
on what you want to achieve, but let me give you ten
suggested ways to spend those 30 minutes…

* Reading positive, uplifting or spiritual materials
* Reading material that will help you learn something
important to you – from team building to trap shooting,
leadership to learning to garden
* Exercising
* Praying or meditating
* Writing or journaling
* Reflecting
* Listening with those you love
* Working directly on your goal
* Serving others
* Planning your next day or week

As you read this list I expect you had two thoughts…

* There is some great stuff on this list.
* That is what I should do!

My advice is to listen to your intuition, and pick that one
thing to do. You can’t do all of these things each day, but
you can do one.

Pick one, and starting tomorrow, do it consistently every
day; seven days a week preferably. Do it when you feel like
it and do it when you don’t. The key to the power of these
thirty minutes is consistency.

And then you had another thought…

“What is this guy, crazy? Doesn’t he know how busy I am? How
am I going to find 30 minutes a day?”

I anticipated your concern, so I have made another list for
you. This list is of 10 ways you can find the 30 minutes a
day to devote to the task you selected above.

You could find your 30 minutes by reducing any one of these
activities by the 30 minutes you are looking for. You

* Watch less television
* Read less of the newspaper
* Turn off the email
* Browse the internet less
* Sleep less
* Shorten your lunch “hour”
* Complain less
* Blame less
* Gossip less
* Watch less television (I know it is on the list twice, but
it might the easiest one of all!)

You may be thinking, but I like the local news, or I love my
New York Times Crossword puzzle, or I need my sleep. That is
fine, pick a different one, there are plenty of items to
choose from. But ask yourself this question: Which of these
items would I give up in order to reach my goal?

Listen carefully to your answer, and then give it up.

You don’t even have to pick the same one every day, but the
best way to change your habit will be to pick one; otherwise
you are trying to “find” your 30 minutes everyday.

It will just take 30 minutes a day, every day, to get
something extremely valuable to you.

The clock is ticking, your future awaits.

Potential Principle – How we invest our time will determine
how much of our potential we unleash!

by Kevin Eikenberry