Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere At Anytime

Inspiration is not a stop-start process. It’s like a spigot
you just can’t turn off. When you have it, you have lots of
it. But when you don’t have it, it might seem that no matter
what you do, that spigot is just never going to crank on

Have faith. Inspiration, in and of itself, never stops. It’s
up to us, then, to step aside from blocking it. To ignite
your awareness of inspiration, look into subjects and topics
that interest you.

Read inspiring stories; research the people who inspire you.
Oftentimes you will find that they, too, struggled with
turning on that inspiration spigot … but they always found
a way through.

Action Step:

See, there is nothing different between you and your heroes.
That’s why you’re attracted to the qualities they possess –
something about them resonates with something inside of you.
Do as they have done to resonate with inspiration.

Act as they have acted to turn that “inspiration spigot” on.
Before you know it, you’ll be back in that inspired mode!

Yours in Success,
Mark Victor Hansen